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Compensation (by Pay Cycle) Report

This report shows staff compensation earned based on the pay cycle set up in settings. You can filter the data to include all tickets or just closed tickets, and with tips or without tips. If you haven't set up your staff compensation yet, click here to learn how. Click here for details on Setting up Pay Cycle. Here are a few important things to note:

  • The "Track compensation" checkbox on the staff profile has to be checked in order for the staff member to appear on this report. 
  • Service commission & tips are based on appointment completion.
  • Product commission is based on when the ticket was closed.
  • Hourly pay is based on clocked-in and clocked-out hours. 

To access your Compensation Report: 

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click Compensation under the Staff heading



Helpful Hints

Service Revenue - appears on the date the appointment was completed.

Product Revenue - appears on the date the ticket was closed. Product revenue from open tickets is not reported.

Hourly Pay -  is calculated from clocked-in hours. In order to include hourly pay on this report, you must use the clock-in/out feature. Learn how to enable this feature.

Track Compensation - Only staff members who have 'track compensation' marked in their staff profile will be reported on.


Report Filters:

Location View by specific location or all locations. Only staff at selected locations will be available options for staff filter.
Staff View specific staff members or all staff.
Pay Cycle

Select either current cycle, previous cycle, or a custom cycle range. Pay cycles are determined by the parameters set in settings (staff section).

Note: Custom cycle does not allow you to choose custom days, but rather historical pay cycles. For custom date ranges (outside the normal pay cycle), try the Daily Compensation report

Closed Tickets Only

When this box is checked, only appointments and product sales with a closed ticket will be reported. If unchecked, all completed appointments (with or without a ticket) and product sales will be reported.

Note: Appointments revenue will always be reported by appointment completion date, not by date ticket was closed.

Include Tips

When this box is checked, tips are included in the compensation data for each staff member.

Note: If tips were withdrawn from the register for a given day, tip amounts will not appear on the report (even if the filter is applied).


Example of report filters:



Report Columns:

Staff Member

The staff member whose compensation you are tracking.

Appointment #

The number associated with the appointment. Click this number to view the appointment.

Ticket #

If there is a ticket associated with this appointment, the ticket number will appear in this column. Click the number to view the ticket.


The client for the appointment/ticket. Click the client name to open the client profile.


The totals for different revenue types for selected staff members during the selected pay cycle. 

Note: Service revenue reported on day of completed service. Other types (product, package, gift cards) are reported on the day the ticket is closed.

Redo Adjustment

This shows the adjustments for redo appointments. If the "Should Original Staff Member Receive Service Commissions On Redos?" setting is disabled and a redo was done, the revenue for the original staff will be shown in red in the adjustment column.  


The totals for different commission types for a selected staff member during the selected pay cycle.

Note: If the commission is missing, check the staff profile to see that commission has been entered.

Base Salary

This column shows the pay for salaried employees. Only applicable if the salary is set in the staff profile.

Hours (types and amounts)

The total hours and different hourly types according to clocked hours by staff. For example, if you have an hourly type named “Training” then you will have a Training Hours column. It will have a matching column for Training Hours Pay which shows the total pay for that hourly payment type.

Note: You can learn about creating hourly types here.

Hours Pay (for hourly types)

Pay calculated for each of the hourly types created. Pay has to be set for hourly type in each staff profile. Calculated by taking the number of hours multiplied by the hourly amount set.

Note: You can learn more about setting hourly pay here.

Overtime Hours

Any hours over the overtime parameters set in each staff profile.

Overtime Hours Pay

Overtime pay calculated by the parameters set in each staff profile multiplied by overtime hours.


The total tips the staff member earned in the selected time period. This column only exists when the "Include tips" box is checked.

Note: If tips were withdrawn by staff from the register, the tip amounts will not appear on the Compensation report (even if the filter is applied). Only tip amounts that were NOT withdrawn from the register will appear.

Back Bar

Fees that staff incurs for using products during service. These fees are deducted from staff compensation to cover the cost of supplies to perform specific services at your business.

Note: Only reported if back bar fees have been set for the given staff. Learn more here.

Total Commissions

Total compensation for selected staff members. Calculated by adding commissions, hourly pay, and tips and deducting back bar fees.


Example of report columns:







Tiered Commission

Tiered Commission is reported slightly differently from Straight Commission and requires attention when generating reports. A summary of the differences follows.


Straight Commission Tiered Commission

The commission is listed for each individual appointment and ticket.

Total commission for the date range is also listed.

The commission is not listed for each individual ticket, because commission changes depending on the total revenue earned. Instead, the Total Commission for the pay period is listed.

The commission is calculated from the date range set at the top of the report. You may calculate commission for any range of time.

The commission is calculated for the entire week or month of the commission period (as set on your Settings page).


If you set the date range for 2 months, you will see the total compensation for those 2 months.

If you set the date range for 2 months, and your commission tiers are per week, it will calculate the commission for each week and sum-up to get the total commission for 2 months.

To set up Tiered Commissions for your staff you will need to enable certain settings to make this possible. Business Setup > Staff & Availability > Select Staff Member > Compensation Reporting > Select Commission options for the Staff Member.


If you are using Tiered Commissions, we recommend generating the report with a date range that includes the entire commission period.


For custom date ranges (outside the normal pay cycle), try the Daily Compensation report

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