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Compensation Report (Payroll)

This report shows staff compensation earned. The data is based upon your staff compensation settings. If you haven't set up your staff compensation yet, click here to learn how.

To access your Compensation Report:

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click Compensation under the Staff heading


Helpful Hints

Service Revenue appears on the date the appointment was completed.

Product Revenue appears on the date the ticket was closed. Product revenue from open tickets is not reported.

Hourly Pay is calculated from clocked-in hours. In order to include hourly pay on this report, you must use the clock-in/out feature. Learn how to enable this feature.

Filters - Use the filters in the upper left to adjust the report.report_filters.png

Staff Filter - View specific staff members or All Staff

Date Filter- Select a date range for the report

Closed tickets only - If you check this box, only compensation for checked-out appointments and products is reported

Post-discount - If you check this box, compensation is calculated from the post-discount prices of products and services, rather than your normal prices

Include tips - If you check this box, tips are included in the compensation data for each staff member


Report Columns

Staff Member The staff member whose compensation you are tracking.
Appointment # The number associated with the appointment. Click this number to view the appointment.
Ticket # If there is a ticket associated with this appointment, the ticket number will appear in this column. Click the number to view the ticket.
Client The client for the appointment/ticket. Click the client name to open the client profile.
Service Revenue The total revenue the staff member generated through services in the selected time period. 
Service Commissions The total commissions the staff member earned based on services performed in the selected time period.
Product Revenue The total revenue the staff member generated through product sales in the selected time period. 
Product Commissions The total commissions the staff member earned based on products sold in the selected time period. 
Hours Worked The total hours the staff member was clocked in during the selected time period.
Hourly Pay The total hourly pay the staff member earned based on clocked-in hours.
Tips The total tips the staff member earned in the selected time period. This column only exists when the "Include tips" box is checked.
Back Bar The total back bar fees a staff member generated. This value is deducted from their compensation to produce Total Compensation in the next column.
Total Compensation The total compensation owed to the staff member for the selected time period.


Tiered Commission

Tiered Commission is reported slightly differently from Straight Commission and requires attention when generating reports. A summary of the differences follows.


Straight Commission Tiered Commission

Commission is listed for each individual appointment and ticket.

Total commission for the date range is also listed.

Commission is not listed for each individual ticket, because commission changes depending on total revenue earned. Instead, the Total Commission for the pay period is listed.

Commission is calculated from the date range set at the top of the report. You may calculate commission for any range of time.

Commission is calculated for the entire week or month of the commission period (as set in your Compensation Settings).


If you set the date range for one day, you will see the total compensation for that one day.

If you set the date range for one day, you will see total compensation for the entire commission period (This will be either one week or one month, as defined in your Compensation Settings).

Compensation for a single day cannot be calculated, because it changes depending on total revenue earned during the commission period.


If you set the date range for 2 months, you will see the total compensation for those 2 months.

If you set the date range for 2 months, and your commission tiers are per week, it will calculate the commission for each week and sum-up to get the total commission for 2 months.


If you are using Tiered Commissions, we recommend generating the report with a date range that includes the entire commission period.


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