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How do I print receipts through the MyTime POS ?

To Print on a Standard Office Printer:

1.  Click on "Print Receipt" at the bottom of the ticket in MyTime POS.
2.  On the print modal in your browser, make sure the correct printer is selected and that "Headers and footers" underneath "Options" is de-selected.
3.  Click "Print"
To Print on a Thermal Receipt Printer:
1.  Ensure your printer is compatible with MyTime (view supported hardware at: mytime.com/hardware)
2.  Make sure you have installed the printer on your computer
3.  When you select "Print Receipt," go to the "Destination" section on the print modal and select "Change..."
4.  MyTime's supported Thermal Receipt Printer should appear as "Star TSP..." on the destination modal. Select this printer.
5.  The paper size should default to "70mm x 200m." Leave this setting as is.
6.  Set the margins to "None." MyTime's receipts are generated to print best when "None" is selected for the Thermal Receipt Printing.
7.  If you do choose to include your own margins, make sure to deselect "Headers and footers" under "Options". This will remove unnecessary information from the top of your receipts.
8.  You should be all set - now click "Print."
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