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Setting Recurring Appointments

Setting up a recurring appointment in MyTime is simple. After booking the appointment that you’d like to set on a recurring basis, first click the small calendar and refresh icon to the right of the appointment time as displayed below. 


From there, select how often you would like to repeat the appointment- you can do so in a daily, weekly or monthly cadence. 

Daily: Select the days between appointments


Weekly: Select the number of weeks between appointments, and the day of the week the recurring appointment will fall on. 


 Monthly: Select the number of Months between appointments. Choose to repeat on the same numerical date in the month, or the day and week the date lines up with.2020-04-16_16h28_19.png

 If there are any conflicts with creating the recurring appointment you will be notified once you click on Save. You can continue to save the series, and then you can address the conflicts through the client's account directly.


 To update or check conflicts go into the Client's Page and scroll down and expand their appointments to reveal the Recurring hyperlink.



This will take you to the Recurring Page. You do have the ability to click on View next to any of the appointments listed to view them in the schedule.


By clicking on View next to a Conflicted appointment you can see what is causing the conflict, and then adjust the appointment to remove the conflict.



When you have adjusted the appointment you would like to change, you will be asked to confirm if this will apply to just this appointment or all in the series. This will not retroactively update older appointments it is only from this appointment forward for anything that hasn't been completed.



For more information contact us at support@mytime.com

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