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Can I make changes to a closed ticket?

To make changes to a closed ticket, go to your POS and select Closed Tickets. Select the Ticket # you wish to update. 


Select "Edit Ticket" in the top left of the closed ticket. Make any changes you like - you can change prices or add/remove services and products from the ticket.


When you are finished making changes, close the ticket by selecting the button on the bottom right. If the total dollar amount on the ticket did not change, this will say Done Editing


If the dollar amount on the ticket increased, select Take Payment. You'll need to take payment for the amount you added to the ticket, then you may re-close the ticket.


If you decreased the total dollar amount on the ticket, you'll be prompted to Refund at the bottom. Select Refund to close the ticket.


Note: Re-opened tickets will appear in the Open Tickets section of POS. When you close a re-opened ticket, it will return to the Closed Tickets section.



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