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Marking Appointments as No-Show

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to mark an appointment as a no-show.

Things to know:

  • The capability to mark appointments as no-shows is determined by the Edit Appointments access control
  • Appointments without ticket links will display a "Create Ticket" button in the appointment modal, while those with tickets will offer the "View Ticket" option
  • If there's a cancellation policy in place, you'll be prompted to charge a fee when marking an appointment as a no-show
  • For prepaid appointments marked as no-shows, the associated ticket will become void
  • Credits from appointments within a membership or package will be deducted if marked as a no-show. To restore the credit in case the client arrives and the status changes to "Showed Up," you need to adjust the appointment status to "Check-in" before proceeding with checkout

Marking Appointments as No-Show

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler
  2. Locate and open the appointment you wish to modifyIMG_0335.jpeg
  3. In the appointment modal, select the drop-down arrow next to the "Booked" status
  4. Choose "No Show" from the drop-down list   IMG_0337.jpeg
  5. If a cancellation fee is configured, you'll receive a prompt asking if you want to apply the fee. IMG_0339.jpeg

If you selected "Yes," you'll be directed to the "New Ticket" screen, where the cancellation fee will be visible


6. Take Payment

The scheduler will also reflect the change by displaying the no-show icon (Red Dot) IMG_0344.jpeg

If a prepaid appointment is missed, the cancellation fee will be automatically generated, giving you the option to apply it or not

Appointment will also be updated on the schedule with the No Show icon



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