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Setup/Troubleshooting TSP100 Thermal Receipt Printer

Initial Setup (5-7 min):

  1. Download the TSP100 Printer Mac/Windows Drivers by clicking here.
  2. Make sure you are using a recommended device. There are various TSP100 Printers (WiFi, Ethernet/LAN, Bluetooth, and USB). You can generally see the model on the bottom of the printer. A WiFi model would look something like TSP143IIIW whereas an Ethernet/LAN model TSP143IIILAN. Depending on the model there are different setup steps which are outlined in the TSP100 Window or Mac setup guide seen below.
  3. Once the Zip File in step 1 is downloaded please click the corresponding setup guide which will help finalize the installation. 
    1. Window Setup Guide (WiFi Pg. 16/LAN Pg. 24/Bluetooth Pg. 32)
    2. Mac OS X Setup Guide (Wifi & LAN Pg. 10, Bluetooth Pg. 13)
  4. Please see the attached image below and make sure settings match. 



The receipt is too long

  1. Set paper to 72*200 and Margins to NONE. 80mm paper requires 72mm print setting

The font is extremely small

  1. Set the Margins to NONE.

The Printer will not print (LAN or WiFi models only):

  1. Please make sure the IP Address on the Printer is set a Static IP Address. The IP address might be changing when the Printer or Router is reset, setting the IP to Static will make sure it is always the same. 
  2. To do this please enter the Printers IP address in the browser URL. Example
  3. TSP100 Network Utility will launch 
  4. On the left-hand side of the screen click Login
    1. Username: root (all lowercase 
    2. Password: public (all lowercase) 
    3. Click IP Parameters
    4. Click Static 
    5. Enter the IP Details 

The print preview is small and hard to read 

  1. This generally happens in Windows 7 or Windows 10
  2. Click Start
  3. Click Devices and Printers 
  4. Right Click on the TSP100 Printer
  5. Click Printer Properties 
  6. Click Device Settings 
  7. Make sure the paper settings are 72*200 (see screenshot below OR see attachment for full-size image) 



Mac OS X:


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