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How do I troubleshoot the receipt printer?

If you are having any trouble with your receipt printer use the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Make sure you are using a recommended device
  2. Make sure that the device is properly plugged into a USB port on the device you are accessing POS from
  3. If you are simply having trouble printing the correct length or size of the receipt make sure that you have the correct settings for your Star TSP100 printer. 


For TSP 100 Printer:

Go to: Windows Start Menu > Control Panel > Devices and Printers.

Right-click on the Star 100 Cutter (TSP 143) and choose Printer Properties.
In the Advanced tab, select Print directly to the printer.
In the Device Settings tab, make sure:

FRICTION is set to: 72mm x Receipt
Paper Type is set to: Receipt
Page Cut Type is set to: Partial Cut
Document Cut Type is set to: Partial Cut
Cash Drawer 1 - Pulse Width is set to: 200 milliseconds
Cash Drawer 1 is set to: Document Top

In the General tab, click Printing Preferences at the bottom.
In Printing Preferences, click on the Paper/Quality tab and choose "Automatically Select" as the Paper source. For Media, choose "normal type paper."
Click Advance. Change the Paper Size to "72mm x Receipt."
Click OK. Click OK again. Click OK a third time.

You can also try the following: 
Choose Print > Page Setup.
Change the Paper Size to 72mm x receipt.
Change the Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins to "0.2"
Remove any characters in the header and footer fields by selecting Empty.
Click OK.
Try printing a receipt from a client's Purchases screen.


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