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Membership Waiver & Intake Form

You can design intake forms specific to memberships using the custom fields interface. Moreover, you have the capability to generate membership agreements seamlessly during the membership purchase process, whether it's through the client profile, POS, or booking widget. This article will guide you through creating and implementing intake forms for memberships.

Things to know:

  • The "Manage Client Setup" access control setting governs the ability to create and customize intake forms 
  • Membership agreements can be generated during the membership purchase process in-store through the client profile and POS. Additionally, these agreements can be signed on the web, in the Scheduler app, or via Ingenico terminals. Learn more about signing waivers via the Ingenico terminal here.


Creating Membership Intake Form

The first step involves creating the waiver, custom fields, and then an intake form. Learn more about creating waivers here and custom fields here.

  1. After creating the membership waiver and custom fields, click on the Intake Form option
  2. Choose the "Create New Intake Form" link in the Client Intake Form section for the client or the Pet/Family Member Intake Form section for pets or family members
  3. Enter a name for your form, for example, “Membership Intake Form” 
  4. Specify which specific services, among those offered by your business, should have this intake form associated with them. Multiple services can be selected. If your MyTime account has the classes feature enabled, you'll also have the option to specify which classes should have this intake form associated with them as well. 
  5. Under the services, you will find the memberships section, which includes a list of memberships provided by the business. Choose the checkmark next to all or specific memberships to which this intake form should be applied.intake 1.png
  6. Save
  7. On the left side of the screen, you'll find a list of custom fields and default fields. Select the checkmark next to the membership waiver and any other fields you want to include on your membership intake form.
  8. The selected fields will appear below the Membership Intake Form in the Client/Pet/Family Member Intake Form section  intake 2.png     

Generating Membership Waivers In-Store

Client's Profile

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Find and open the client profile for whom you want to add the membership
  3. In the client's profile, go to the membership section and click on the '+' or 'Add Membership' button 
  4. Select the location and the membership. This will reveal the 'Waiver' field; choose the appropriate waiver from the drop-down menu intake 2.png
  5. The membership agreement will be presented for the client to sign intake 4.png
  6. Once they have signed, press the Save button 
  7. After saving, the Add Membership modal will be updated with the signed waiver agreement.png
  8. Click the 'Take Payment' button to proceed to checkout


To generate the membership waiver in POS:

  1. Navigate to POS > New Ticket
  2. Add a client > Add a membership
  3. The 'Waiver' field will then be visible, enabling you to select the waiver from the drop-down menu                       intake 4.png
  4. The membership agreement will appear for the client to sign intake 4.png
  5. Save
  6. Once the waiver is saved, the signed waiver will be added to the ticket and client profile agreement.png
  7. Click the 'Take Payment' button to checkout. Once the ticket is closed, the waiver will be visible on the client's profile and on the appointment modal whenever the client books an appointment.

Membership Intake Forms On Booking Widget & Express Checkout Page 

If you have enabled the option for clients to purchase memberships online through an embeddable widget on your website or through the express checkout page and an intake form was configured for the specific membership, clients will be prompted to complete the membership intake form and sign the membership agreement before finalizing their purchase.

To access the membership waiver/intake form online, your clients should:

  1. Navigate to your booking widget or express checkout page
  2. Sign in if they already have a MyTime user account. If they don't already have one, they can create one by clicking the Sign Up Now option                    
  3. Once signed in, select the Memberships link in the header 
  4. Select the "Buy” button next to the membership they'd like to purchase
  5. For family or pet businesses, a prompt will appear, allowing you to select who the membership is intended for
    • If the client has a family member or pet on their account, the "Please Select A {Family Member} or {Pet}" option will be displayed, along with a drop-down list from which the client can choose the family member or pet
    • If the client does not have a family member or pet listed on their account, they will be prompted to add one Teno-Pet-Child-1 (1).png
  6. Click the "Buy" button 
  7. The membership will be added to the client's cart, and they will be redirected to the checkout page. The membership information, such as membership name, pet or family member's name, billing frequency, start date, end date, and price, will be displayed for review. To the left of the page, the membership's intake form will be visible above the credit card form
  8. Complete the intake form and membership agreement
  9. Enter the card details and then select the “Complete Purchase” button 
  10. On the confirmation page, your clients can print the transaction for their records if they so desire   


For more information, contact us at support@mytime.com or (385) 233-6964.    

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