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Loyalty Program on My Account

Existing clients can conveniently monitor their loyalty points balance and track credits they have received directly from the "My Account" section on your booking widget.

To access the loyalty program on the booking widget, your clients can:

  1. Go to your booking widget

  2. Click on the Sign in link at the top right loyal.png

  3. Once signed in, select the drop-down arrow next to their name loyal 1.png

  4. Then, select Loyalty Program from the menu loyal.png

The client's loyalty points history will display:

  • Points Balance: Indicates the total number of points earned by the client 
  • Credits Earned: This represents the credits the client has earned through the loyalty program
  • Loyalty Activity: Shows the date and value of each transaction along with the corresponding points earned


Clicking the "Learn More About Loyalty Points" hyperlink in the top right corner will reveal information about your loyalty program.



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