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How do I change the price of a service on my services menu?

You can always adjust the price of any service on your services menu. To get started, navigate to Business Setup.

Next, select Services Menu. You can edit price and other service details by selecting Edit beside any service on your menu: 

In the popup, you can edit any information about the service. Prices are listed at the bottom of the window.

If you like, you can enter different prices for new and existing customers.

If you want the service to display "Price Varies," check the Price Varies box. In this example, the price will read $25* Price Varies.

If you’d like the price to read Price Varies without displaying a base price, write ‘0’ in both price input fields and select the Price Varies box.

Off-Peak Pricing - This is an optional sale tool to help you fill slow times. Off-peak pricing is a discounted service price at certain times of the day. This encourages consumers to book appointments during slow times. Select Activate to set up off-peak pricing. You can then enter a discounted price and times of day this discount is available.

When you are finished entering prices, select Save. The updated prices will now appear on your services menu.

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