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How can I merge duplicate client profiles?

When a client is booking an appointment online, they enter an email address to create a MyTime account, which then pulls into the merchant's database. If a client uses a different email address, it creates a new MyTime consumer account, and another client record on the merchant's end. Two MyTime consumer accounts cannot be merged. Duplicate client records for clients who have not created two MyTime consumer accounts, can be merged by going to your Client Manager. To get started, navigate to the Clients tab.

Next, select the Manage Clients dropdown above the client list, and select Merge Clients:

Next, search for the name of the duplicate client using the search field on the right hand side of the page. Check the boxes beside the clients you'd like to merge, then select Merge Selected Clients.

If the duplicate clients have different information, you will be prompted to select which piece of information you’d like to keep. For instance, if the home phone number for each duplicate client is different, you will be prompted to select which number to keep:

Once you’re done selecting the information to keep, select Save, and the duplicate clients will merge.


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