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ClassPass Integration

ClassPass serves as a marketplace, providing a platform for new clients to explore and book last-minute beauty, wellness, and fitness appointments at your business. Leveraging ClassPass can be instrumental in discovering new customers and optimizing revenue for your business. In this article, we will walkthrough the integration between ClassPass and MyTime.

Things to know:

Here's how the integration works:

  • MyTime appointments effortlessly update your availability and services on ClassPass
  • When a client books through ClassPass, the appointment details are automatically transferred to your MyTime platform
  • Client data is not shared with MyTime to maintain client privacy. ClassPass sends automatic appointment reminders on your behalf.
  • Bookings made through ClassPass will appear as $0.00 in MyTime
  • Please refrain from collecting client payments for ClassPass bookings to avoid double charges. Clients are advised to provide tips directly to the business or service provider if applicable. This ensures a smooth and transparent transaction process for all parties involved.
  • ClassPass does not integrate with integrator payments. All payments for services sold on
    ClassPass are settled directly with ClassPass. Learn more about how you get paid with ClassPass here
  • You will receive payouts from ClassPass for all ClassPass reservations through a third-party
    provider, Tipalti. Tipalti is a service that ClassPass uses to pay businesses at no cost to you.
  • For new clients discovering your business on ClassPass, can instantly make an appointment without the need to navigate to your website or make a call to book

Enable ClassPass Integration on MyTime

To get started:

  1. Contact the Support Team at support@mytime.com to request the integration activation
  2. The Support Team will provide you with a unique integration ID once the integration is enabled on your MyTime account
  3. Provide the obtained integration ID to the ClassPass Team

New ClassPass Partner

New to ClassPass? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit ClassPass x MyTime to learn more about how ClassPass can help you increase your
    incremental revenue and grow your business
  2. Once you’re signed up, schedule and availability updates made on MyTime will automatically
    sync your ClassPass partner dashboard, eliminating the need to make updates in multiple place

Existing ClassPass Partner

Already a ClassPass partner? Here’s how to connect your accounts:

  1. Log on to your Partner Dashboard on ClassPass here and select Support, then Contact Us
  2. Fill out the form provided and select ‘I need help with my third-party schedule integrator
  3. A member of the ClassPass team will reach out via email within one business day to gather
    MyTime details
  4. Once the ClassPass team has the proper details, your reservations and schedules will begin to
    sync within 48 hours




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