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Configuring Parent Booking Widget

This article will guide you through the process of configuring your booking widget at the parent level.

Things to Know: 

  • Enabling online booking provides clients with the capability to book via the booking widget
  • For services to be bookable online, it's required that staff members are assigned to them and their work hours are configured accordingly

1. Log on to the Parent Account https://www.mytime.com/users/sign_in 

2. Go to Marketing > Website Tools


3. Select the Setup button next to Add Appointment Booking & Purchases to Your Website


You can choose to install a widget or express checkout link

    • Express Checkout - When clients click the Express Checkout Book Now button, they are redirected to your MyTime booking page. The Book Now button is free for everyone with a MyTime account.
    • Booking Widget - The client books directly on your website. When the client clicks on the widget, a popup will appear directly on your website, allowing clients to book (see examples below). Booking through a widget is free for merchants on Premium and Enterprise MyTime subscriptions, and costs $0.75 per transaction for businesses without a Premium subscription.

Installing Widget

1. Choose your preferred option and then proceed to configure the widget


2. On the Booking Page Setting, you can configure the following:

  • Default Location: For the service embed flow to work, you must choose a location. The location is required to search for the services correctly
  • Widget Includes: Select “Services” from the Widget Includes drop down menu; multiple selections can be made to include memberships, packages, gift cards, etc.
  • Default Service Location: You can then decide if the widget should default to in-store or the client's location
  • Default To: Select “Services
  • Google Tag Manager: Learn more here
  • Google Analytics 4: Learn more here
  • Facebook Pixel: Learn More here
  • Custom CSS: Customize your widget by adding CSS instructions


3. On the Customize Booking Page Theme section, set up your Widget Theme and Book Button Setting then select Next at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the installation page


4. Copy the code and embed it on your website

Appointment booking will be now available on your website

When your clients click on the link or button on your website, they will be directed to the "Select a Location" screen, featuring the list of all locations affiliated with the franchise companies linked to the parent account


After choosing the location, clients will be directed to the "Book Appointment" screen where all service categories will be displayed to the left of the screen



For more information contact us at support@mytime.com. 


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