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Color Coding Appointments

Color coding can make your appointment schedule more visually appealing and organized. When you color-code appointments, the scheduler creates a unique, personalized interface to present them. To quickly identify appointments for haircuts, for example, you could color all appointments in that category green.

Appointments can be color-coded in three different ways: by appointment status, by a staff member, or by service type. In this article, we will go over the various methods for color coding your appointments. 

Things to know: 

  • MyTime uses a standard set of colors for color coding and does not include a color palette from which to choose colors
  • You can manually override any appointment’s color in the scheduler by clicking on the appointment and selecting from the colors below the service on the appointment modal              

Configuring Color Coding Automatically

To set up automatic color coding for your appointments:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Locate the setting, "Color Code Appointments Automatically" below the Calendar section 
  3. A list of preferences will appear when you toggle to "YES"
    • Appointment Status - allows you to color code your appointments based on their status
    • Staff Members - allows you to color code based on the staff members
    • Services - allows you to color code based on the services categories in  your service menu                                                                                               color_code.png

Color Code by Service 

If the option to automatically color code based on services is selected, each service category is randomly assigned a color. This means that if you have multiple services in the Haircut category, each appointment for any service in that category will have the same color. 


However, you can customize the colors for each service from the service menu. When you select Apply to all variations of the service, the color of all services in that category changes.                       service_color.png

Color Code by Staff Members

If the option to automatically color code based on staff members is selected, each staff member is randomly assigned a color.


However, you can customize the colors for each staff member from their profile.   staff_color.png

Color Code by Status

If the option to automatically color code based on appointment status is selected, each status will be assigned the following colors.

Confirmed - appointments are greenstatus_confirm.png

Booked - appointments are bluestatus_booked.png

Completed - appointments are dark greystatus_completed.png

No show - appointments are redstatus_no_show.png

Checked In - appointments are purplestatus_checked_in.png

Waiting - appointments are light blue but are striped on the Schedulerstatus_waiting.png

Pending - appointments are light grey but are white with the Accept and Change buttons on the Scheduler status_pending.png


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com. 

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