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Color Code Appointments

You can customize the appearance of your appointments in the Scheduler by using MyTime’s Color Coding feature.


Appointments can be color coded in three different ways: by appointment status, by staff member, or by service type. You can select which way you’d like to color your appointments in the Settings section of your Business Setup:



Scroll down to Calendar, and choose your preferred method of color coding:

Color Coding by Appointment Status

The image below shows color-coding by appointment status. 

  • Confirmed appointments are green
  • Booked appointments are blue
  • Completed appointments are grey
  • No show appointments are red
  • Checked In appointments are purple

You can manually override any appointment’s color in the scheduler by clicking on the appointment and selecting from the colors below the appointment's End Date.

Color Coding by Staff

When you color code appointments by staff, each employee is randomly assigned a color. You can view these colors in the Staff & Availability section.


You can edit a staff member's color in the staff profile.


Color Coding by Service

When you color code appointments by service, each service is randomly assigned a color. You can view and edit these colors in your Services Menu.

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