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Report: Revenue (client)


The Revenue (client) report allows you to track client profitability and the revenue generated by each client in a single report. You can select a desired date range, which will report all clients with a closed ticket in that date range. You also can search for a specific client name.

The report can be viewed by visiting Dashboard > ReportsRevenue (under client column)


You can filter this report by location, date, and closed ticket status. When closed tickets is not selected, any appointment on the schedule (regardless of ticket status) will appear. We usually recommend running with 'closed tickets only' filter if payments are collected through MyTime.



This report shows total revenue for all of your clients, listed alphabetically by default, and how much total revenue they have brought to your business.

The report will show you total revenue generated by each client, detailing how much of the revenue came from services, products, gift cards, cancellation fees, etc.

For more information or questions, contact us at support @mytime.com or 888-423-1944.

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