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How do I track client referrals and the clients who are sending referrals to our business?

To pull a report of the clients who have referred you to new clients you can view the Top Referrer report.

Dashboard > Reports > Clients > Top Referrers

Navigate to this report by going to ‘Dashboard’, ‘Reports’, ‘Clients’ and then ‘Top Referrers’:

You can filter this report by labels and date range:


This report shows your clients that have referred other clients to your business. The client name, number of referrals, email and phone number will be displayed. If you select “Referrals,” you can filter the list in ascending or descending order. The total number of referrals for all of your clients will be displayed on the bottom of the report.

On the top right of the report, you have the ability to download this report as a CSV, PDF or print version.

We hope you enjoy your Reports Dashboard! For more information, contact us at support@mytime.com.


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