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How can I track inventory?

You can track your inventory by generating an Inventory Report.

To access the Inventory Report, go to your Dashboard and select the Reports tab. Note: the Inventory feature is only available if you are subscribed to MyTime’s POS.


The report below will appear. In the upper left, you may filter the Inventory Report by location.


The report tracks several metrics. Along with the product, brand, SKU # and vendor, it also tracks your Stock, Target, Reorder and Status.

  • Stock: How many of the product you currently have in stock
  • Target: The "target" amount of product you wish to keep in stock (set this number in your Inventory Settings)
  • Reorder: Target minus Stock. This is the amount you'll need to reorder to be at your Target.
  • Status: Indicates whether your stock is OK, LOW or OUT.

The LOW status only applies if you've set an "alert" number for the product in your Inventory Settings.

  • If your stock is below your "alert" number, the status will be LOW
  • If your stock is above your "alert" number, the status will be OK
  • If you have zero in stock, the status will be OUT

If you have not set up an "alert" number for a product, there are two possible statuses: OK or OUT.

  • If you have one or more of the product in stock, the status will be OK
  • If you have zero in stock, the status will be OUT



On the top right of the report, you may download the report as a CSV, PDF or print version.


You cannot make changes to your inventory from your Inventory Report. You may update inventory and change inventory details in the Inventory section of POS.

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