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How do I view my appointments by source of booking?

MyTime allows you to generate a report of your Appointments organized by the Source of Booking. You can generate this report by navigating to your ‘Dashboard’, selecting the ‘Reports’ tab, and then choosing ‘By Source of Booking’ under ‘Appointments’. 

This report shows the source of your bookings (e.g. added by business through your Scheduler or booked by client through the marketplace, google, etc), along with information about the number of bookings and the corresponding revenue.

You can further customize this report using various filters, such as: location, staff, and labels.

Keep in mind, bookings captured in this report are based upon when the appointments are expected to take place rather than when they are booked.

You can export a copy of this report via CSV, PDF, or print the report. For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.

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