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Report: Bookings By Date

Use this report to view Appointments on a specific date or within a specific date range. 

To access this report go to: Dashboard > Reports > Appointments > By Date

Filter your appointments by location, staff member, and completed appointments or closed tickets:


You can also filter appointments by date in daily, weekly or monthly categories:


If you want to see service, product or the total revenue for each appointment, click on the blue arrow to the left of each appointment for further details:


If you would like to download the information you have two options: A Detailed Report or a Summary Report.

You will use the Detailed Report if you need the individual information for each service and ticket. 

Detailed Report Columns  Description
Date Date the service took place
Appointment # This is the Confirmation Number for the Appointment
Ticket # This is the closed ticket number from the POS
Client Customer's Name
Staff Who performed the service
Service Revenue Revenue from the service provided
Refunds Any Refunds Issued
Total Total Profit/Loss per appointment
Summary Report Columns  Description
Date Date the Appointments Took Place
Appointment # Count of booked appointments
Ticket # Count of Closed Tickets from the POS
Client Count of Customers
Staff Count of Staff that worked
Service Revenue Revenue for the day
Refunds Refunds for the day
Total Total Profit/Loss for the day

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