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Report: Payment Dashboard


You can easily track all of the bank deposits made to you from MyTime with the Payment Dashboard report. The daily deposits reported here should match the deposits received at the bank.

This report can be found by navigating to your Dashboard, selecting the “Reports” tab, and selecting “Payment Dashboard” beneath the “Company” header: 


The Payment Dashboard report displays all of your transactions for selected date range. The transactions can be organized by Deposit Date, Amount, or payment Method. This report can also be exported as a CSV or printable PDF.

If you look at the report screenshot below, you will see the blue arrows for each day. By clicking the blue arrow to the left of the deposit date, you will see all of the tickets (payments and refunds) that were included in the deposit made to your account for given day.

* Ticket payments and refunds will appear on the day the action took place. For example, let's say that payment was collected for a ticket on 7/1, then the payment would appear on 7/1. However, if you refunded the ticket on 7/15, that refund would appear on 7/15 and the original payment would still appear on 7/1.

You can also click on any ticket hyperlink to open up that specific ticket. You can also see which client is associated with each ticket. Clicking on the client name hyperlink will take you to that specific client profile.


For more information please contact us at support@mytime.com.


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