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Payment Dashboard Report

This report shows a list of direct deposits by the date the payment was sent. This will assist you in reconciling the card transactions processed in MyTime with your bank account. 

This report only populates data for businesses using MyTime Payments. 


Things to know:

  • Transactions displayed in this report only include credit/debit card transactions. 
  • Direct Deposit payments may not appear on your bank statement right away.
  • The deposit date may vary by up to 1 business day. 
  • Ticket payments and refunds will appear on the date the action took place. For example, let's say that payment was collected for a ticket on 7/1, then the payment would appear on 7/1. However, if you refunded the ticket on 7/15, that refund would appear on 7/15 and the original payment would still appear on 7/1.
  • The daily deposits reported here should match the deposits received at the bank.

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard

  2. Select the Reports tab

  3. Under the Company section, select the Payment Dashboard report


When the report opens, you can filter by a specific location and date. The transactions can be organized by Deposit Date, Amount, or payment Method. You also have the ability to export to Excel, PDF, or print.


Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the desired data.


Expanding the arrow next to each row will display the amount, ticket number, and client for each transaction. 


Report Columns

Column Description
Location This column will only be shown if the By Location button is used at the top of the report. It displays the location where the transaction was processed. 
Deposit Date Date the funds were batched.
Amount The total amount that was deposited.
Deposit Fee This is the processing fee that is charged. Applies to merchants using Stripe.
Recipient If you pay staff directly, this refers to the staff member who received the funds. 
Tickets Ticket associated with the transaction. Clicking this link opens the ticket.
Client Client associated with the transaction. Clicking this link opens the client's profile.


For more information please contact us at support@mytime.com. 


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