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How can employees clock in and out through Scheduler?

You can track your employees' hours using MyTime’s clock in/out feature. MyTime allows employees to clock in and out multiple times per day (for example, when they take breaks).

The first step in using the clock in/out feature is to enable it in your Settings page.

Enabling Clock in/out in Settings

  1. Select your business name in the upper right-hand corner of your profile
  2. Select Business Setup
  3. Select Settings 


Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Staff’ section in the Settings page. Make sure the question Do staff members need to clock in/out? is set to YES as displayed in the image below:



How To Clock Employees In/Out 

Once clock in/out is enabled, employees can clock in/out from your Scheduler page. A few important things to note:

First, employees can clock in/out only from:

  1. The business owner's MyTime account (all employees can clock in/out from here).
  2. Their own MyTime account. Individual employees can clock in/out when they are logged into their own account. One employee cannot clock in/out from a different employee's account.

Second, only employees classified as Service Providers or Support Staff can clock in/out. If a Location Manager needs to clock in/out, they must also be classified as Support Staff or Service Provider. You can accomplish this by checking multiple boxes in the Roles section of the employee profile.

Third, your calendar must be set to Day View, Agenda View or Split View in order for employees to clock in or out. 

To clock in:

  1. Select the staff member's name
  2. Select Clock In


To clock out, the process is the same. Click the staff member's name and select Clock Out.


Merchants also have the option to create custom hourly payment types. This will give Staff Members the option to clock-in under different categories. For example, if you create an hourly pay category titled "training" or "administrative," then when a Staff Member is clocking in for something other than their "normal" shift, they would select the appropriate "clock-in" for that specific shift. In order to enable this feature, you will need to go to Business Setup > Staff & Availability > Hourly Payment Types > Create Payment Type. 



You can view a report of your staff hours by looking at the Time Tracking report from your Dashboard. To access your Time Tracking Report:

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click Time Tracking


To learn more about this report and others, click here.

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