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How can I track staff productivity?

If you are using the MyTime POS, you can easily track your staff’s productivity over a specified time period. To generate this report, navigate to your ‘Dashboard’, select the ‘Reports’ tab, and then choose ‘Staff Productivity’ below the ‘Staff’ header.


The report displays the service and product revenue generated by each employee.


At the top, you can filter by date, location and staff member. In the upper right, you can export the report as PDF, CSV or print version.



Click the drop-down by a staff member's name to show additional information.



Helpful Hints

All appointments will show up in the Staff Productivity report on the date the ticket was closed - this may be different from the date of the appointment.

Appointments will appear under the staff member selected on the ticket - this can be different from the staff member who performed the service.

Pre-Booked means the appointment was created at least 2 hours before the appointment took place.

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