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Report: Client Type


The Client Type report allows you to see the revenue generated by new clients or existing clients. over a selected period of time. The number of appointments, service revenue,  refunds, and environmental fees are reported.

* New client is defined by only having one scheduled/completed appointment. Having more than one completed appointment will classify client as 'existing.'

The total given for each client is calculated as such: service revenue + environmental fees - refunds.


Navigate to this report by going to Dashboard > Reports > Client Type


You can filter this report by location, staff member, timeframe, and closed tickets. If you record payments in MyTime, we recommend using running the report with the 'closed tickets only' filter:



This report shows total service revenue for all of your new and existing clients. You will see the number of bookings, service revenue, environmental fees collected, as well as service refunds. If you expand (by clicking on the arrow) you will see the client breakdowns.



For more information or any questions, contact us at support@mytime.com.

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