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How can I see my cancelled and missed appointments?

You can generate a report of your Cancelled and No Show appointments by navigating to your ‘Dashboard’, selecting the ‘Reports’ tab, and then choosing ‘Cancellations/No Shows’ under ‘Appointments’.

This report displays all cancelled or missed appointments in a specified time period. It also displays all relevant information about the missed appointment, such as: name of client, appointment time, assigned employee, and the status of the cancelled appointment (e.g. canceled by consumer, canceled by merchant, or no show). If you have a cancellation fee in place this fee will also appear in the report.

This report can be further customized by using the various filters, such as: location, staff member, and time period.

You can export a copy of this report via CSV, PDF, or Print version. For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.

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