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How can I create a One-Time Sale and notify my clients?

To create a one-time sale, go to your Schedule. On the left, select Sale.
Select a time in your calendar you'd like to put on sale. Enter the sale details in the popup window. Advanced Options allows you to limit the sale to particular services or staff members. When you are satisfied, select Create.
A popup will appear asking how to notify your clients about the sale. You can notify clients via email, push notification and social media. If you select Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter, a popup will appear allowing you to create and share a post.
To send a push notification and/or email campaign, check the boxes and select Share at the bottom.

If you selected Send email campaign, you'll be directed to the campaign message. You can edit all text within the email. When you are satisfied, click Select Recipients to edit the recipient list and send the message.

Your clients will also see your One-Time Sale in their MyTime accounts. If a consumer has added your business to their "favorites," they will see the sale (see example below).

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