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Mark Staff Member as “Requested” in Scheduler App

In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to mark staff members as requested on the scheduler app. 

  1. Log into the app. For details on how to, learn here
  2. Upon signing in, you will be automatically directed to the schedule by default
  3. Create a new appointment by following the provided steps here or locate and open an existing appointment
  4. Navigate to the staff section on the appointment details page
  5. Swipe the staff member's name to the left to expose the Requested option. Tap on Requested                                                       
  6. The staff member will then be displayed with a yellow star next to their name
  7. The scheduler will additionally show a star icon on the appointment to signify that the staff member was requested                                                                                      

You have now successfully indicated your staff member as requested.


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