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Reports Download Manager

A report download manager is available on the main reports page and for every report, offering visibility into the status of your download requests and access to previous report downloads. In this article, we will discuss how it works.

Things to know:

  • General vs. Specific Report View:
    • When accessing the download manager from the main reports page, you can monitor downloads from all reports
    • However, if you navigate to a specific report, the display will only show downloads associated with that particular report
  • Access Privileges:
    • Location owners have the authority to view all downloaded report
    • Other roles are limited to seeing only the reports they have individually downloaded
  • Download Process:
    • An entry is added to the download manager when a download request is initiated
    • Upon completion, the report is automatically downloaded to your computer
  • Fast Access to Previous Downloads:
    • A download link is provided in the download manager, offering quick access to previous downloads
  • Retry Option and Deletion:
    • In the event of download failure, a retry option is available
    • Users can choose to delete the export from the queue if desired

To access the download manager:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab 

  3. The link to the download queue will be located in the top right-hand corner of the reports page download.png
  4. Select any report, apply your preferred filters, and then click on the "Update" button 
  5. After the report is generated, click on the CSV or PDF icon to initiate the export of the report
  6. The download process will commence, and the export will be added to the download queue. Once the process is complete, the report will be automatically downloaded, and a download link will appear for future downloads.download.png
  7. Click the "Download" link to save the report to your device. In case of a failure, a "Retry" link will be provided, enabling you to requeue the report for download.

Download Queue Columns

Column Description
Created The date and time when the report was exported
Report The name of the report and the selected filters
Status The status of the export, indicating whether it is "Downloaded," "Processing," etc
Type The format of the export, either CSV or PDF
Actions The capability to download or delete the export from the queue


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