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How can I create a Promotional Code to send to my clients?

MyTime allows you to create promotional codes to offer discounts to your customers. To create a promotional code:
  1. Select Marketing
  2. Select Promotions
  3. Select Add Promo Code
 In the popup window, you can edit Promo Code details.
Select Advanced Options to limit the Services, Locations, and Staff Members the code is valid for.
You can create your own coupon code, or leave it blank and the system will assign a code automatically. If you create your own coupon code, use the the "Check Availability" option to ensure the code is available.
After you save your new promo code, you'll see it listed in the Promo Codes section.
Sending your Promo Code to Clients

To email a promo code to your clients, hover your mouse over the promo code you'd like to send. Select Send at the right.
This will open a New Campaign with the promo code information pre-filled. You can edit or change the campaign message to your liking.
If you'd like to use a different promo code in the email, you can change the promo code by clicking on it. You can then select from the list of promo codes you've created.
At the top, you may change the email title, reply-to name and reply-to email.
If you edit your message, you may save the template by selecting Save Template in the lower left. When you are satisfied with your message, click on Select Recipients

​You can use the filters to specify the promotion recipients. The filters allow you to limit the campaign to clients in specific locations or with specific labels.
If you'd like to further limit the clients who will receive the email, select view. This will bring up your client list. Place a check mark by clients to whom you'd like to send the promotion.
You can choose to send the promotion now or later. If you select Later, you can select a date and time to send the promotion.
When you are satisfied, select Send to send the campaign to all selected clients.
Sending a Promo Code from your Campaigns Section
You can also send a promo code from your Campaigns section. You can either insert a promo code into a custom campaign or use and customize our pre-written campaign template.
If you'd like to write the campaign yourself, select New Campaign. You can insert a promo code into a custom campaign by using the Promo Code buttons.
Alternatively, you may use our pre-written Promotion template. Select Templates, then Promotion.
The Promotion template will open. Click on [Promotion Code], and a list of your Promo Codes will appear. Select the promo code you'd like to use. The rest of the information (promotion period, promotion discount, promotion details) will auto-fill.
You can make any changes to the template message you like. Select Save changes at the bottom to save your template.
Next, hover over the Promotion template and select Send. From here, you may use the same process described above to send the promotion to your clients.
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