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How can I customize my automated messages?

Your ability to edit and customize automated messages depends on your subscription level.

If you have a Premium, Growth, or Automated Email + SMS Marketing subscription, you can edit and customize all content of all your automated messages.

If you don't have these packages, you can still view your messages, edit the subject line and reply-to name, and turn the automated messages on or off.

To view and customize your automated messages, go to the Automated Messages section of your Marketing tab.

Turning Automated Messages On/Off

Hover your mouse over a message. If the message is ON, select Deactivate to turn it off.


If the message is OFF, select Activate to turn it on.


Editing Automated Messages

To view or edit the automated message, hover over the message and select View

From here you can edit the reply-to name, the subject, the text/email default, and the content (if your subscription allows).

The header contains your location information. You can edit this information from your Business Profile. To learn how, click here.


If your subscription allows, you can edit all content in your automated messages. Click on each item to delete, add or edit text and images.


When you are finished editing the message, select Save at the bottom.

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