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Customizing Automated Messages

Your ability to edit and customize automated messages depends on your subscription plan. If you have a Growth, Premium, Enterprise, or Automated Email + SMS Marketing subscription, you can edit and customize all content of most of your automated messages. If you don't have these packages, you can still view your messages, edit the subject line and reply-to name, and turn the automated messages on or off.

To view and customize your automated messages

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Automated Messages
  2. Hover over the desired template and select View 19345677-efb73ed1976b881b4da180843902502d.png
  3. From here you can edit the following (if your subscription allows)
    • Reply-to name: Name of the business that appears when your clients reply to an auto email. We will use the business name that was added to the business profile page

    • Delivery By: Choose the method of delivery - email, text message, or push notification. If the method selected is not available for a client, we will try other available methods even if it was not selected. For instance, if you select email as the delivery method but the client does not have an email address on file, we will send the notification via text message.

      • Email - The client must have an email address on file and be opted in to receive transactional emails

      • Text Message - The client must have a mobile number on file and be opted in to receive transactional SMS

      • Push Notification - The client must have the MyTime Guest App installed on their mobile device

    • Add Directions: You can add directions for each of your locations. They will be featured in clients’ appointment-related emails.

    • Service-specific Instructions: You can add instructions for each of your services. They will be featured in clients’ appointment-related emails and SMS.

    • The header contains your location information. You can edit this information from your Business Profile. Learn how-to here

    • The appointment details such as service, date and time, etc cannot be edited. These are custom content that will be set on delivery.

To edit the body of the email:

  1. Hover over the highlighted sections 
  2. Click on the edit icon  19346256-1787db275adfc33d51f807855d2e2a55.png
  3. You can choose various options from the editor to design your template. Hover over each icon for a description. Advanced users can insert HTML to make their emails more visually appealing. 19346406-424f784d72609bfa935f3c2c5209a416.png
  4. When you are finished editing the template, select Save at the bottom

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