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Can I export from the Reputation Manager?

You are able to export your reviews based on three timeframe settings. 30 Days, 90 Days or 180 Days. This is chosen in the upper left-hand corner. You can also select a Location Tag (If you have multiple locations), and What Directory, should you only want to review information for one particular site. 


These selections will update your dashboard view once chosen. To export the reviews you will scroll down to where they are listed and click on the Download Icon.



Report Columns:


Column Name Description
Location ID Identifier for Location
Location Branch Identifier for Branch
Location Name Name of Location
Location Address Street Address for Business
Location City City where Business is located
Location Province/State State where Business is located
Location Postal/Zip Code Zip Code where Business is located
Location Country Country of Location
Location Phone Contact Number of location
date Date the Review was left
directory Site the Review was taken from
location Location that the review is for
rating The star rating the customer left (1-5)
content Customer's detailed review
reviewer Reviewer Name
link Link to the review
Response Status Status of a response you provided to the Reviewer
Response User Name of the Responder
Response Created Date Response was created
Response Updated Date Response was updated


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