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Can I issue a refund to my customers?

Yes! With MyTime, you can issue full or partial refunds to customers. You can issue refunds for any closed ticket: both for appointments pre-paid through MyTime and appointments paid for in-store. 

Issuing a refund is simple. First, click on the ticket you'd like to refund. There are a variety of ways to find the ticket:

From your calendar, you may click on the appointment to bring up the appointment window.


Click on the ticket number at the bottom of the window.


Alternatively, you can access the ticket in the Closed Tickets tab in POS. To make your search easier, use the dropdown menus at the top to specify the appointment's location, employee, date and service. Then, click on the ticket number to open the ticket. 


When you click on the ticket number, the following screen will appear. In the upper right, click the Refund button.

You’ll then be asked how much you’d like to refund (you can refund the full amount or issue a partial refund). Enter a dollar amount and click Refund at the bottom of the ticket.


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