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How can I send a message to a single client?

You can send a customer either text messages (including picture messages!) or emails directly from the client's profile. These messages can go out to any customer saved in your Client Manager.

In the client profile, click Send Message


Depending on the client's contact preference setting, the message will go out as an email or text.  If email is defaulted you'll see an email icon on the top left of the messenger.

If text messaging is defaulted you'll see a text icon on the top left of the messenger.


To update the client's default contact preference, select the edit icon.



 In the Edit Details section, you can set the client's contact preference to either Email or Text. Note: If the client's contact preference is set to Home Phone, your message will not be delivered. To deliver a message, please set the client's contact preference to either Text Message or Email.



 You can also send a Campaign to a single client. In the client profile select Send Campaign.


A new campaign will open. If you'd like to use a campaign template, use the dropdown arrow on the left. When you are finished writing and editing the campaign, press Send to email the campaign to the client.


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