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What is MyTime Communicator?

The MyTime Communicator allows you to chat in real-time and share photos with clients. It automatically saves conversations with each of your clients and can be accessed from your phone, on the Web, or from the MyTime app.   

Things to know:

  • The messages can be delivered across multiple channels including SMS, email, and mobile app
  • Clients will have to be subscribed to Transactional Email or Transactional SMS in order to receive messages sent via the Communicator 
  • Messages sent via Communicator will be delivered to the client's preferred method of contact. For instance, if on their client profile the contact preference is set to email, the message will be sent to their email address on file. 
  • Inbound Communicator messages do not count towards your SMS usage
  • We display a maximum of 10 conversations at any given time. However, all conversations will be accessible from the conversation section of the Communicator. 

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