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What is the MyTime Marketplace, and how does it bring me new customers?

The MyTime Marketplace is a platform where MyTime advertises your business to potential customers. Every month, millions of shoppers browse the MyTime Marketplace to find and book appointments with local businesses.

Customers search for a service and location, and your business will appear in their search results. From there they can instantly book an appointment. It's a win-win: Consumers get an effortless booking experience, and you gain a new (and possibly long-term) client.


Businesses with a MyTime Scheduler Subscription

The MyTime Marketplace is completely separate from your MyTime Scheduler subscription.

Your MyTime Scheduler subscription is a tool to manage your appointments, clients, and payments (if you have POS enabled) online. It also gives you access to online booking through your custom MyTime URL, your website, and Facebook.


The MyTime Marketplace is an optional additional platform where MyTime will list your business. Being in the Marketplace means MyTime pays to advertise and drive traffic to your business. In exchange, you'll pay a small commission: 10% of the appointment value.

The MyTime Marketplace is an optional addition to your Scheduler subscription. 

The Marketplace is an online destination where consumers go to find and book appointments. If you're in the Marketplace, we pay to advertise and drive traffic to your business. When a customer books through the Marketplace, you'll pay a small commission of 10% of the appointment value. There are zero listings fees - it's complete pay-for-performance marketing.

Being listed in the MyTime Marketplace is completely optional. Its purpose is to increase your SEO and your customer base by driving traffic to your business.




We created the Marketplace to drive more consumers to your business. In today's world, 43% of bookings come outside of business hours. According to a Yodle survey, one-third of consumers report that they expect online booking. The MyTime Marketplace is a platform that captures this segment of the population and drives them to your business.


Best of all, the MyTime Marketplace is mobile-optimized with apps for iOS and Android. Today, people want to book appointments from their phones. According to a Yodle survey, mobile optimization is the top improvement consumers want to see from small businesses. A Hubspot study had similar findings: 45% of consumers will look for a competitor if your website is not mobile optimized. Additionally, most search is happening from mobile devices, so mobile optimization significantly increases your SEO. Being in the Marketplace will boost exposure for your business and your relevance online. 


*In cases where prices vary or are not listed, MyTime will charge an applicable minimum commission. Click here for a list of applicable minimums.

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