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Rescheduling Appointments

In this article, we will look at how to reschedule an appointment. Note: Once an appointment is marked as completed, it cannot be rescheduled.

To reschedule an appointment: 

  1. Navigate to the schedule
  2. Locate the appointment the client wants to reschedule 
  3. Click on the appointment
  4. Adjust the date and/or time on the date and time picker unnamed_-_2021-11-10T102502.832.png
  5. Once you have made the adjustment, click the save button on the appointment modal 

The client will receive a reschedule notification if the Appointment Rescheduled automated message is active in your Marketing tab. If you do not want the client to receive this notification, you can uncheck the “Notify client of change” box in the bottom right corner.


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