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Canceling Appointments

You can easily cancel any appointment from the appointment modal.

Things to know:

  • The ability to cancel appointments is tied to the Edit Appointments access control
  • If payment has been processed on a ticket, the appointment cannot be canceled until the ticket is refunded. After the refund is completed, the cancellation can proceed
  • If the ticket value is $0, no refund is required, and staff members can proceed to cancel the appointment
  • Upon cancellation, the appointment will no longer be visible on the schedule
  • When canceling an appointment for a client with recurring appointments, you will be prompted to specify whether you want to cancel only the current appointment or all appointments in the series.
  • Appointments not linked to a ticket will present the "Create Ticket" button in the appointment modal, whereas appointments associated with a ticket will show the option "View Ticket."

To cancel an appointment, simply:

  1. Navigate to the schedule 
  2. Locate the appointment you wish to cancel
  3. Click on the appointment
  4. Select the Cancel Appointment link at the bottom left of the modal
  5. There is a confirmation box that will populate asking you to confirm this action. Confirm the cancellation by clicking Yes on the confirmation pop-up

If the account has cancellation reasons defined, you will be prompted to select the cancellation reason.   


If a cancellation fee is set up, you will be asked to confirm if you want the fee to be charged. unnamed_-_2021-11-09T224036.563.png



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