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Can I set up packages for my services?

Yes! All MyTime businesses can create packages to sell to their customers.

A Package is a bundle of appointments for a particular service (or group of services) at a reduced price. When a client purchases a package, MyTime stores the package in the client's profile and automatically applies the package to appointments with eligible services.

To create a package, go to your Services Menu and select + Add package beneath the desired service category.


In the popup, enter the package details:

Package Name: This name will appear in your Services Menu

Appointments: The number of appointments included in the package

Expires: Enter a package expiration date if desired

Details: Additional details clients should know about the package

Can Be Used For: Place a checkmark by services the package can be used for. A package can apply to a single service or to multiple services within the same service category. A single package cannot apply to services from different service categories. 

Price: Price of the package

Discount: The percent discount customers receive by purchasing the package. This will auto-fill based upon the price and eligible services you select.


Select save. The package will appear in your Services Menu.

Clients can purchase packages online from your booking page (if you allow online payment) or in-store if you're using MyTime's POS.


When a client purchases a package, it is stored in the client profile in the Packages Purchased section.


When a client makes an appointment with an applicable service, the package is automatically applied to the appointment. The appointment window will read In Package beneath the price field (see example below).

You can remove the appointment from the package by clicking the "x" next to In Package.



When the appointment is complete, select Take Payment at the bottom.



A new ticket will open. In Package will appear in the price field. At the bottom, select Take Payment.


The package will be taken as payment. You may then close the ticket.



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