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Sync Google Calendar with MyTime

With MyTime, you can sync your external calendar to your Scheduler so you'll never be booked in MyTime during your external calendar events. The sync happens whenever there's an update on either side. So if an event is added to the Google calendar, then sync happens with MyTime. Similarly, if an appointment/event is added to MyTime, then sync with Google is triggered. 

Your external calendar events will appear in your Scheduler, and your MyTime appointments will appear in the external calendar. Each of your staff members may sync with one external calendar.

If you want to sync your Google calendar with MyTime, the process is pretty easy:

  • First, log into your MyTime account
  • Go to Business Setup > Staff
  • Select the staff member whose schedule you'd like to connect to Google (in this example, we're connecting Grant).


  • When you click on a staff member, their staff profile will appear.
  • Select Sync External Calendar then select Google Calendar



  • If you are not already signed in to your Google account, you will be prompted to do so
  • Once signed in, grant MyTime access to your Google calendar


  • Confirm which calendar you want MyTime appointments to be shown on


  • When you've finished connecting your calendar, the staff member's profile will read "Calendar Synced". The date and time of your most recent sync will appear right beneath the Calendar Synced heading (see below). 


If you'd like to view external calendar events in your schedule, make sure "Display external calendar events on Schedule" is switched to YES (see below).


Once you've completed these steps, appointments from your calendar will appear in your schedule, and these time slots will be blocked to avoid any double bookings.

We hope this helped! If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at support@mytime.com. 

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