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How do I remove a staff member from my account?

You can remove an employee from your account by going to your Staff & Availability Page.


Click on the staff member you'd like to delete. Scroll to the bottom of the staff member's profile and select Delete Staff Member.delete_staff.pngNote: Deleting a staff member will CANCEL all appointments scheduled with that staff member. Make sure all appointments are completed before deleting the staff member.

The following popup will appear, warning you of this. If you want to continue deleting the staff member, select Delete.


Can I remove the staff member without cancelling all of their appointments?

Yes! You can simply disable online booking to remove client's ability to book them, and then remove the staff member's login privileges.

To disable online booking, open the staff member's profile. Scroll to the Bookings section and switch Allow Online Bookings to NO.


To ban the employee's access to their MyTime account without deleting their staff profile, you can change their email address to prevent them from logging in.


When all the employee's appointments are through, you may return to the staff profile and delete the employee.

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