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How do I remove a staff member from my account?

**Please Note: Be sure to export any needed reporting prior to deleting a staff member. Once you remove the staff member their data is removed from the following reports: Time Tracking, Staff Scheduling, Calendar Utilization and their hours are removed from the Compensation Report.  The reports they are left on, they will no longer be a filterable option. You will need to export the data for all staff, and then filter on your spreadsheet.** 

You can remove an employee from your account by going to your Staff & Availability Page.


Click on the staff member you'd like to delete. Scroll to the bottom of the staff member's profile and select Delete Staff Member.delete_staff.png Note: Deleting a staff member will not cancel all appointments scheduled with that staff member. Make sure to go to each appointment and either delete or assign to another staff.


If the appointments are not deleted or re-assigned to someone else, the deleted staff will show on the Schedule with the word "deleted" in parenthesis.



In the event, you aren't sure you have rescheduled all of your former employee's appointments, you can also go to Dashboard > Reports > Staff > Appointment History.


You can only download up to 90 days worth of appointments at a time. While you cannot filter by the former employee's name in the portal, they will show on the downloaded CSV and can be filtered there to help make sure there are no remaining appointments. 





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