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Add/Invite Staff Members

On the Staff & Availability page, you can decide whether to manually add each staff member or send them an invitation to create their own profiles. In this article, we will explore both options. 


Manually Add a Staff Member

  1. Go to Business Setup > Staff & Availability 15760430-96d6026fd12b829ffb5a527843378981.png
  2. Select the ”+Add Staff Member” option      15760455-9b31a1a5236374bfeafa666d5ad7af87.png  

  3. A window will open where you can add the staff member’s details. By default, the system will check Service Provider for the role but you can edit this as necessary. You will need to save the staff’s profile with an email address entered and reopen the profile to send an invitation using this method. 

Invite Staff Member by Email

To invite a staff member to create their profile:

  1. Go to Business Setup > Staff & Availability 15760430-96d6026fd12b829ffb5a527843378981.png
  2. Select the “Invite Staff by Email” link at the bottom of the page. This option will allow you to invite multiple staff members at the same time 15761035-950afc3ebb699b3f4a5c6eaf51b43907.png
  3. Select a location then add each staff member's email address. Ensure that the emails are separated by commas.                                                    15761059-65d82ac20408a813109a28b7611eb50c.png
  4. Send invitation 
  5. Upon receiving the invitation, the staff can click on the “Join the Team” link to create their profile unnamed__16_.png
  6. Enter their name and set their password unnamed__17_.png
  7. Click on the Create Account button  

After creating an account, the staff member will be able to log in to the system with their own credentials.


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