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How do clients tip through MyTime?

If you choose to accept payments through MyTime, clients can also tip through MyTime.

The first step is to enable tipping. To enable tipping, go to the Settings page of your Business setup.


Scroll to the Tipping section. Check the box to enable tipping. In the fields below, you may enter custom default tip amounts to offer to clients.


Pre-Paid Appointments

If the client booked and pre-paid online, they can tip via text message. Ten minutes prior to the appointment, we will send the client a text message asking if they’d like to leave a tip. The client can easily reply with the tip amount. 

Alternatively, the client can tip by logging into their consumer MyTime account via the web or the MyTime mobile app. A popup will appear asking them to leave a tip, and they may enter the tip amount there. 

Clients can leave tips via text message or their MyTime account up to 2 hours after the appointment. At that time, we will charge their credit card for the total amount of the appointment plus the tip, and the payment will be sent to you.

In-Person Payments

If you use the MyTime Point of Sale feature and choose to take payments in person, you will add the tip when the client pays.

Option 1: Add Tip from Payment Screen

When you check out a ticket on your computer, there is an option to manually enter the tip (see image below). If the client tells you verbally how much to tip, you may type the amount here.


Option 2: Client adds Tip to Receipt

Alternatively, you can have the client add a tip to their receipt, then enter the tip into POS later.

On the ticket, leave the tip field blank and select Take Payment.


Once you've entered the credit card, select Print Receipt & Settle Later.


When you are ready to settle the payment, select Settle Payment on the ticket.


You can then enter the tip and complete the charge.


Alternatively, you can settle the payment directly from the Unsettled Transactions tab.

From here, you can enter the tip and select Confirm Settle.

Unsettled_Transactions___MyTime__2_.pngOption 3: Use Phone or Tablet

A third option is to take payment from the MyTime Scheduler app on your phone or tablet.

From the ticket on the Scheduler app, select Tip.



This will bring up a screen offering various tipping options (see below). You may hand your device to the client to select a tip.



Once the tip is entered, select "Pay" at the top right-hand corner of your screen to take payment and close the ticket.


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