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Gift Card Audit Trail

The gift card audit trail on the client profile provides transparency and accountability and displays a history of all actions related to gift cards, including the initial gift card purchase, redemption, refunds, reloads and manual adjustments, along with the name of the staff member who made the changes. In this article, we will discuss how to access the audit trail and the data displayed.


Accessing Gift Card Audit Trail

To access the gift card audit trail:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Search for the desired client > Open the client's profile
  3. Scroll down to the Gift Card section > Expand the gift card
  4. Select the Audit Trail hyperlink below the gift card details  gift card audit.png
  5. Each action taken will be displayed in a modal

Gift Card Audit Definitions

Column Description
Date The date the action was taken
Adjustment Type

Displays the action taken against the client's gift card - manual adjustment, gift card purchases, redemptions, etc.


Gift Card Payment: Gift card was manually added to a client's profile or purchased in POS

Manual Adjustment: The value of the gift card was manually modified on the client profile

Gift Card Used: Gift card was redeemed online or in POS to pay for a service, product, etc. 


Gift Card Reloaded: The reload option in POS was used to add funds to an existing gift card

Gift Card Expired: Gift card has expired. Learn more about gift card expiration here.

Gift Card Payment Refund: The initial purchase or reload of a gift card was refunded

Gift Card Refunded: The gift card redemption ticket was refunded

Modified By The name of the staff member who adjusted the gift card value
Ticket # The ticket # associated with the gift card purchase, manual adjustment, gift card expiration, etc. Clicking on the link opens the ticket in POS. 
Credit The total gift card amount added

The total gift card amount deducted

New Balance

The current balance after any additions, reductions, or manual adjustments


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