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Waiver Expiration

You can create waivers with an unlimited validity period or with an expiry period. By setting expiration dates for waivers, you can streamline the management of client records and help ensure that all clients are aware of and have agreed to the most current terms and conditions. In this article, we will discuss waivers with an expiry period.   

Things to know:

  • All active and expired waivers are displayed on client profiles
  • You can specify how long waivers will be valid
  • If a client's waiver has not yet expired, you will need to delete the original one from their profile before you can re-add it. However, if the waiver has expired, you can re-add it and then request the client to sign it again to confirm their acceptance of the terms and conditions. 


Configuring Waiver Expiration 

To set up waiver expiration:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Expand the Manage Clients menu
  3. Select Customize Client Fields 
  4. Click the Add Field hyperlink under any of the custom fields Intake-Forms-MyTime.png
  5. Expand the Field Type section and choose Waiver from the drop-down menu Intake-Forms-MyTime (1).png
  6. Fill in the necessary information in the applicable fields 

  7. Toggle the Expires option  waiver.png

  8. An expiration field and Apply to existing waivers option will be displayed  Intake-Forms-MyTime.png

  9. Enter the validity of the waiver in days

  10. Select "Apply to existing waivers" if the expiration date on previously signed waivers should be modified 

  11. Save 

When a client signs a waiver that has an expiration date, the date will be displayed in parentheses next to the waiver on the client profile and appointment modal.

Waiver with Future Expiration Date

Client's Profile    


Appointment Modal     


Expired Waiver

Client's Profile        


Appointment Modal     



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