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Purchasing Memberships for Family Members on Booking Widget

Once your widget is configured to include memberships, your clients can purchase memberships for specific family members online through an embeddable widget on your website or through the express checkout page.

Things to know:

  • Memberships configured for individual family members will require your clients to choose who the membership is for when purchasing the membership on the booking widget
  • When purchasing memberships specified for individual family members via the booking widget, it is advisable to sign in or create an account before proceeding through the purchase flow. Clients who are not signed in will not get the option to purchase memberships configured for individual family members, the Buy button will be greyed out 

To purchase a membership online, your clients should:

  1. Navigate to your booking widget
  2. They can sign in if they already have a MyTime user account. If they don't already have one, they can create one by clicking the Sign Up Now option                    
  3. Once signed in, select the Memberships link in the header
  4. Select the "Buy” button next to the membership they'd like to purchase. In this example, I will purchase the Hair Color Membership
  5. The prompt to select who the membership is for will appear 
    • If the client has family members listed on their account then the "Who is this Membership For?" will be displayed with a dropdown list for the client to choose between themselves or a family member                                  
    • If the client has no family members listed on their account then they will be prompted to add one                                         
  6. Click 'Buy' on the popup
  7. The membership will be added to the client's cart and they will be redirected to the Checkout page. The membership information such as membership name, pet's name, billing frequency, start date, end date, and price will be displayed for review 
  8. Next, enter the card details if the card is not already saved and select the “Complete Purchase” button 
  9. On the confirmation page, your clients can print the transaction for their records if they so desire

Once the membership is purchased:

  • The client will receive an email confirmation
  • The membership will be reflected on the client's profile with the family member's name and in the Membership reports
  • All applicable bookings and purchases for that family member will have the “In Membership” label attached 
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