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Deleting Pets

In this article, we will explore the process for pet companies to delete pet profiles.

Things to know:

  • The "Deleting Clients" access control controls the ability to delete pets 
  • When a pet is deleted, past appointments are retained, but any future appointments associated with that pet are automatically canceled
  • You can review historical data for a deleted pet in reports and on past appointments. However, in the reports, the pet name column will show "No Name" for the deleted pet instead of the original pet name.
  • Packages assigned to the deleted pet will remain active until another pet is assigned to receive the benefits. However, for memberships tied to an individual pet, when the pet is deleted, the membership will be canceled and removed from the membership reports.
  • Memberships configured for all pets will remain active, and the benefits can be used by other pets. 

To delete pets:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Locate and open the client's profile
  3. Click the edit icon to open the pet profile
  4. Click the "Delete" link at the bottom left of the edit pet modal
  5. Confirm by clicking the Delete button                           

Client's profile

The pet's profile will be removed from the client's profile; however, any past appointments for the deleted pet will still be visible under Past Bookings.


Past appointments for the deleted pet will remain but the pet's name will not be visible on the appointment modal                             


Historical data for the deleted pet will remain in reports but the deleted pet's name will not be visible in reports 


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