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Listing & Reputation Management on Parent Account

For franchise businesses, listing and reputation management data for all locations can be accessed from the parent level. In addition, you can also set up Google rankings by keyword. In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to access the listing and reputation manager from the parent account and set up the Google rankings keyword.

Things to know:

  • This feature is controlled by a hidden setting that only the MyTime team can enable. To enable the hidden setting, please contact our support team at support@mytime.com.
  • Applying the listing and reputation management configuration at the parent level will require MyTime to disconnect any networks, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., that you may have connected to SOCi. You will then need to reconnect the networks again in SOCi in order to continue using the existing and new features in SOCi.
  • At the parent level, the data will be read-only, with the exception of the Google rankings section, where modifications can be made.


Access Listing & Reputation Management

Once the setting is enabled, you can now access listing & reputation management at the parent level.

  1. Login as the parent account user
  2. Go to Marketing
  3. Select Listings & Reputation Manager
  4. Once selected, you will be redirected to the SOCi platform 
  5. By default, insights for all locations will be displayed 1.jpg
  6. Select Locations from the navigation menu on the left panel to view data by franchise (child) locations 2.jpg

Google Keyword Ranking

  1. Select Listings from the navigation menu on the left panel 
  2. On the Listings page, select Google Rankings tab SOCi (1).png
  3. Next, select the settings icon on the right SOCi (2).png
  4. On the Keyword Settings modal, you can:
    • Select your search engines used for local rankings
    • Enter up to 10 keywords/keyword phrases - To add a dynamically generated keyword, start typing " { " and select the appropriate geo-modifier from the list. Each keyword can be a maximum of 50 characters. 
    • After you've inserted a keyword, click the Add button
  5. Click the Save button to close the modal


Need assistance? Contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.

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