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Refunding Memberships

When refunding a membership's recurring charge or the purchase, you can choose whether to retain or remove item and value credits. In this article, we will discuss refunding membership payments in POS. 

Things to Know:

  • The ability to refund a ticket is controlled by the "Edit/Refund Closed Tickets" access control 
  • Memberships can be refunded even if the credits have been used

To refund a membership:

  1. Navigate to POS > Closed Tickets 
  2. Search for the ticket number and select it
  3. Click the "Refund" button at the bottom of the ticket
  4. On the refund page, you can decide to refund the entire amount or do a partial refund 
  5. Check the box to select the membership to refund
  6. The "Membership Credits" checkbox will appear checked by default
  7. Uncheck the box to remove the membership credits (value and item credit)
  8. Next
  9. Confirm by clicking the refund amount button
  10. A confirmation message with display, click Done         

If you opt to remove the credits, they will be removed from the client's membership and the adjustment will be shown in the audit trail on the client's profile.


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.


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